'Finally! The Generation of 'Death' NOW Available!
Powerful, Merciless Vampires and their Counterparts: Vampire Hunters
Along with the Creepy Zombies and Ferocious Beasts!
Duel your way into the Forest of Death!


Gorgeous City of Gold, Cadir Season Cards finally revealed!
Featuring Princess Illegresser and her allies, with various characters from Cadir!
Along with the charming Succubi that seduce humans!
Create your own unique deck with cards that each have distinct features!


A sea route to Sea Fortress Nahal has been opened!
Meet exotic-looking travelers, prophets with mystical powers,
and powerful chain technicians now!
Use these cards with special abilities and create a deck to overwhelm your opponent!

Guide Comics

Guide Comics is just like the name itself, a play mode for major scenario. You can learn basic system, important cards and combinations.

Remiel(Player) and Sarah

Remiel, who is half-human, and also half-elf.
He was thrown out of village just because he is a half-elf, half-human. Now, Remiel is heading to , thinking ‘Will I, be able to feel happiness?’ And his childhood friend, Sarah just started journey.

The Three Witch Sisters

Witch sisters are looking for half-elf just like Remiel. Nobody knows why they are looking for him yet. Carefree oldest, absent-minded but glamorous middle, and self-tortured youngest sister are united.

Pillion and Elysis

Elves come to help and support player. They help the player when in danger. No one knows the reason they help the player.

Ruairi, Tarlach, and Mari

Righteous hero-Ruairi, A scholar who can transform into a bear-Tarlach, Cute-ace marksman-Mari help Remiel whenever he is in trouble.

Dr. blinblin

The goblin - outstanding engineer and hip-hop freak! He never cares of good and evil - he is on side where he could get money. He has created a lot of unique and special machines..

Titi, Fenne, and a very special blacksmith Ferghus!

Born merchant Titi, dragon clan beauty Fenne and vagarious blacksmith Ferghus join the journey with their own purpose.


Each arena is ranked by champion/platinum/gold/silver and bronze. You can be ranked up by winning each Duels and get winning points. Of course, you will get better prize with higher ranking.

Newbie Arena

‘Are you new to Mabinogi Duel? Join the newbie arena and learn the basics!’ Newbie Arena is only available for new comers who is under level 5. You will compete with similar newbies and AIs, without any burden!

Rookie Arena

Congrats to graduate the Newbie Arena! Now come to our main party, the Rookie Arena" Rookie arena is opened to all players for Mabinogi Duel. You will meet various decks and gimmicks. Wish you to win the Duel!

Veteran Arena

"For the expert duelists. Be NAMED Champion by winning the Veteran Arena!" If you are ranked higher than GOLD in Rookie Arena once, you will receive tickets for Veteran Arena. Use your own strategy and forces! Good luck!

Draft Arena

You can enjoy the Draft Arena without your cards! From level 7, you can join the Draft Arena. This arena does NOT require any of your own cards. You can build up instant decks with Mabinogi Duel’s unique way, compete with other AIs and win the prizes!

PVP Arena

"The REAL time Arena for special experts!"
Now you can feel like you are very powerful in Mabinogi Duel. After level 10, you can prove your power by playing PVP Arena. All world-wide Mabinogi Duel’s players will come to you with their own might and magic.